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Call for papers, symposia, workshops, round table discussions, posters & quick fire presentations

Deadline for abstract submission: April 1, 2019


Submissions are invited relating to all areas of Psychology Learning and Teaching. The main theme will concern the challenges of preparing our students for their role in Psychology of the future. reports on innovative learning, teaching and assessment practices, as well as theoretical and empirical research are welcome. Contributions to the main theme are encouraged but not limited. Submissions for the conference should contribute to a culture of scholarship in relation to teaching and learning psychology and related areas. 

The topics of the symposia, paper and poster presentations, quick fire presentations, workshops & round table discussions of the ESPLAT conference can be anything relating to teaching and learning in Psychology (today and in the future), e.g.

  • Teaching the International and/or Diverse Classroom
  • SOTL (Scholarship of Teaching & Learning): evidence-based teaching
  • Psychological Literacy
  • Assessment practices: (In)formative assessment, peer feedback
  • Fostering motivation, involvement & ownership of students
  • Innovative Learning, Active Learning, Blended learning, Distant learning
  • Effectively Teaching Clinical Skills.
  • Life Long Learning in Psychology,
  • Continuing professional development of teachers
  • Societal impact of psychological knowledge: how can we involve students to contribute to societal issues?
  • Teaching psychology in secondary education
  • Psychology in interdisciplinary courses and minors
  • Learners as designers of teaching


Sessions with multi-nationality, multi-cultural or multi-disciplinary contributions are especially encouraged!



Can be 1 hour (2 papers) or 1.5 hours (3 papers or 2 papers and a discussant).
Required: general abstract, abstract for each paper. Summary max. 200 words.

Individual paper

Required: abstract. Summary max. 200 words.

Quick fire presentations

Series of 4 or 5 5-minute presentations around a topic with discussion, 30 minutes
Required: topic description, short abstract of each contribution, name of discussant. Summary max. 200 words.


Required: Abstract. Summary max. 200 words.

Round table Discussion

Can be 1 or 1.5 hours

Required: topic description and why it is important to discuss/brainstorm in small group. Summary max. 200 words.


1 or 1.5 hours interactive practical meeting
Required: topic description, learning goal and interactive teaching method. Summary max. 200 words.


ESPLAT Conference 2019 - Utrecht, The Netherlands
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