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Visiting Utrecht

Utrecht owes its vibrant and inspiring atmosphere to its mix of modern concepts and historical buildings. Many of the historic city castles have been repurposed, now housing hotels, restaurants and shops. The old storage areas along the wharfs are now the place to be for cosy cafés, trendy retail concepts and restaurants offering food from all over the world. 

Upon exploring the city, you'll find that Utrecht is full of special places. For example, you can drink the best coffee in the city in the vibrant Voorstraat, find all your groceries in the multicultural Lombok and taste and feel the city's archaeological history at Castellum Hogewoerd. Ready to start discovering all of this?

More information about visiting Utrecht:  www.visit-utrecht.com


You'll find accommodations in all price classes and you can spend the night in your own way. Try a simple hostel in the city centre or a five-star hotel in a monumental building. Or would you prefer a snug bed-and-breakfast in a cellar wharf? Plenty to choose from. And how about a night never to forget? Then book a room at the remarkable Mother Goose Hotel, Hotel Badhu, Court Hotel or the new Eye Hotel, for a special place to stay.

Please visit www.visit-utrecht.com for more information.

City tours

Discover Utrecht on foot
There's plenty to discover in the city centre of Utrecht. Turn into a random side street and you'll forget for a moment that you're in the middle of the city. You'll find yourself suddenly in a hidden courtyard, a beautiful garden or a narrow alleyway with a special story. These are Utrecht's forgotten places where time seems to have stood still.

Learn about Utrecht and its mysteries during a walking tour; listen to the people's stories and discover the city's hidden beauties. Wander around by yourself with the VVV walking route, or take a walking tour of the city accompanied by an experienced guide.

Please visit www.visit-utrecht.com for more information.

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